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Ultra Mega Awesome Cool Badass Crime Fighting Team

Come on adventures with Rocket, breeze, hippoman and squirt
Sep 17 '14

Reboot coming soonish.

Mar 24 '13

Anonymous asked:

I love the new background!!

Thank you. It’s nice to know someone is still looking at this blog.

Jan 18 '13
"Not all superheroes were capes"

(via thetalkinggirl)

I don’t know any Superheroes who were capes! HA!

Aug 8 '12

Anonymous asked:

How old are all the superheroes?

Mike and Derek are mid to late 20’s. Trent and Debs are late teens/early 20’s.

Aug 4 '12

celestialteez asked:

haha! oh my gosh I'm pretty much in love with your characters and comics XD please keep up the awesome work!! Ps: Do you have a Deviantart or something??

Thanks. No I don’t have a Deviantart page because they are very critical on there! lol :D

Jun 11 '12

sourikata asked:

I want them to have sex.

….. Well um I don’t think I’ll draw that because I’m not that kind of artist but it will be implied at some point. lol ;)

Jun 4 '12

debsneverland asked:

Your cartoons are really funny and cute but when Debrah appeared, that was when I became a fan! Her name it's a variation of mine and that's awesome. And I ship Mike and the dishes! :P

Thanks for being a fan! Yes Mike loves those dishes!

Jun 4 '12

miakosamuio-deactivated20140102 asked:

Can I ship Derek/Me??

Yes! I was worried people were going to ship him with Frank the cat! lol

Jun 3 '12

Anonymous asked:

Really?? Trent and Debrah are canon *.* Sooooo exciting!! Can't wait! I.

Yes! It’s going to be soo hot!!!

Jun 3 '12

Anonymous asked:

I ship Trent and Debrah *.* They're funny together 'cause they bicker like an old married couple xD Bye, I.

Well done! You ship Canon! Whoops! Spoiler alert!